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tv   Headline News  RT  August 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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out international tonight france says it will join the u.s. in arming kurds in iraq as washington and its allies get ever deeper involved in the comp. at least three people die as ukraine's army pounds the outskirts of the nets and shelled the un says more than two thousand people now have already been killed. and the news reportedly pressuring other countries not to expand their trade with russia is moscow's food takes its toll we'll take a look at how the trade wars are affecting you its economy.
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company our top story the more of america's allies are getting involved in iraq france says it will now join the u.s. in sending weapons to kurdish resistance forces in their fight against islamic state jihadists and the british prime minister is cut short his holiday to deal with the iraqi crisis is a london correspondent. the prime minister has just been speaking about the desperate humanitarian situation in northern iraq where the refugees are trapped on the. mountain and david cameron has said that the u.k. focus remains on sending humanitarian supplies and the government is also clinton plaiting trying to airlift refugees using r.a.f. helicopters from that besieged mountain in northern iraq but the heat is by no means the prime minister he's under growing pressure to launch air strikes over iraq a growing number of politicians have been calling for it in recent days and
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yesterday arias tornado jets were sent to cyprus and then on to iraq to assist with . drops of humanitarian aid but technically the choice of those tornado jets is is interesting because if the government decided to change its mind or to suddenly step up its involvement they could very quickly do so tornado jets capable of carrying out surveillance missions which is what they're doing right now but they can also be bolted to carry bombs pretty quickly so france announced just a little bit earlier that they would be supplying weapons to kurdistan and the calls here in britain are growing for britain to follow suit to do the same to accompany us as strikes and to step up its involvement but at the same time a number of voices that are very wary of so-called mission creep in this situation with iraq especially given britain's legacy of its involvement in the very recent
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past. meanwhile the u.s. has exploded. in iraq going to do tional one hundred military advisors and called troops planes they will be taking part in the. a handful of strikes on jihad his forces in northern iraq that wasn't enough he's going to teach you the latest on the motives for america's involvement helpless in the face of terror from the islamic state the jihadi militants are ruthless and well armed there's the hardest forces in iraq are probably the strongest the hardest forces in the region in the world they are equipped with advanced american weapons and that's how they were able to ethnic cleanse the minorities christian and is the the minorities from many areas in kurdistan or south of kurdistan and now they're attacking kurdistan u.s. officials see no alternative to sending weapons to combat the extremists who now
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fight with american weapons you cannot confront isis with flowers at the same time flooding an already deeply divided country with more weapons could backfire in the future. there is no american military solution. in iraq. only way. is for iraqis come together and form an inclusive government president obama may want a unified iraq but the kurds have long wanted out and arming kurdish militia forces could lead to a permanent breakup of iraq any peaceful cessation of the kurds from iraq would like to bring the region several days and multi-ethnic cities as well as major world they say both kurdish and testing shared corey now is pressing as the current defense in the dark the question is whether the weapons provided the defense today . in washington and to track down are.
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former u.s. congressman and presidential candidate ron paul spoke exclusively to us about the prospects for america's latest moves in iraq he told us the united states risks sinking deeper into the conflict unless it leaves iraqis to do with the islamic state on their own. the kurds have always had this reputation of being great fighters and that they're very good day out in town and i'm surprised that they haven't retaliate a little bit better but one of the reasons why they haven't done very well is that i says ended up getting a lot of weapons from us and if they captured weapons they've got them out of syria i'm sure there are some they came from libya so they're well armed so we haven't done the kurds any favor whatsoever so i think the sooner we get out of going with the better i think the policy that we should follow is one designed to allow the iraqis to solve all their problems and stay out of this let them deal
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with it we've tried for a long time we've lost a lot of lives spent a lot of money and we allowed a mess to develop and there's nothing about amassing chaos there and in a way we're partially responsible for that folks too from former u.s. state department official an iraq veteran matthew hoh who agrees with ron paul's assessment he says washington's policy on dealing with this is proving consistent and his only lead to more problems. what the impact of this now it took for the u.s. to get involved as you have a lot of people in the u.s. a lot and as a congress who feel like we still have to win in iraq we have people whose legacies are tied up in the whole history of modern iraq and they somehow have to weigh in as well as we have a very very strong brand of intervention in both the democratic and republican parties a year ago at this time we have very prominent members of congress people within
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the obama administration who are arguing that we need to get involved in the syrian civil war now if we had done that we basically would have been on the side of isis in syria now here year later we're saying that we have to intervene in iraq to fight isis we have a very confused foreign policy that is contributing problems that by our meddling is making things worse on the way violence sweeps the streets of missouri suburbans locals rage for a third night of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager bottom american called. next the u.n. says more than sixty people have been killed or wounded in east ukraine with an estimated two thousand people now having lost their lives in the conflict says it's moving more closely in only encircled turns of donetsk and lugansk at least three people have lost their lives in the attacks on the outskirts of dense market and several apartment blocks that being pounded bush shells that it's thought a nineteen year old man with an elderly woman are among the latest victims many
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have now been left homeless as a result of the latest bombardment the conflicts led tens of thousands across east ukraine to flee rif notion of followed some of those leaving the the city of the gods. valentini is alone in her dark apartment in the gonski packing they has been no electricity in most of the city for almost two weeks now and the shelling continues. but indiana has already sent her daughter and her granddaughter to family friends in a russia they didn't see each other for a month we'll meet her when she's getting ready to follow them we will company her all the way to the border. come on you live just stop for us we wake up stand in the bread line for two hours then get a water and have a kook a meal to eat and the same thing happens every day at this time was said in line we
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can only send to the knees on the radio are very in tune as husband was due to come back from a trip to their country house this morning but he's still not back the phones are down and she has no way of knowing what's delayed him. but with daily bombings she can't help but be worried when my the says any of the there is no connection so i don't even know what happened to him maybe he went to visit his brother. but internet puts him or her girls winter clothes and finishes packing she leaves her home with six bags and a very heavy heart. zenaida from the guns krege and has cancer her home was shelled twice but she tries to remain ball in but even her optimism was not enough to do with what she saw that day that convinced her she can stay in lugansk bush. i was at a bus stop and then i decided to leave for some reason as soon as i left the bus stop
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a shell exploded right behind me five people died one man had his head blown off and a woman lost her leg took me three days to get over it she says making the decision to leave was not an easy one but it was a very quick one. it's not about the fear of death but more of outright panic why is always going on but why is this for their peaceful people here zenaida leaves and just like many others hopes to come back but she fears that you will never be able to do so her. well we talked as he needed the nineteen reunites with her husband and. public transportation is sporadic at best and he least his bus with no way to call home. it's less than sixty kilometers from lugansk to the border but these journey might seem endless today's forced to flee. already in
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russia it's a mixture of pain and despair and hope as these people turning to their lives so made a valentino and her husband will spend some time in this refugee camp at the russian ukrainian border until they manage to get to their final destinations joining thousands of others who led eastern ukraine living their lives and homes behind them they do not know what tomorrow holds in store but at least they say they wore his now behind them reason our show our t. in ukraine and russia. every day more harrowing video emerges from the conflict this one for instance new donetsk where up to fifteen ukrainian soldiers were reportedly killed after their bus was attacked by local resistance fighters so media suggest those on the vertical were fighters from the radical right sector group and it's thought that bus mistakenly arrived in at an anti government checkpoint after being sent to the wrong location. journalists around the world
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voiced their anger over the disappearance of russian photographer in ukraine thirty three year old andrew stand ins for missing of more than a week rights groups in jordan the efforts to try to get him released there's been a lot of comment let's show you some of it the committee to protect journalists is that if you cranes authorities are holding him they should release him immediately comment from amnesty international also on alert stressing the germans shouldn't face any restrictions when carrying out their work and forty of us not the case in ukraine right now and here's the statement from the reporters committee as well it says media workers must be free to cover all stories of being penalized for doing their jobs. well some of the work that don't stand in a claim could be seen here he's always known for one to be holding his camera up even the most severe conditions whatever was going on around him is latest pictures were taken here in east ukraine who is documenting the ongoing holzer war started also worked earlier in kiev capturing the most dramatic moments of the very we want
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to see more of his work we've put up an album at r.t. dot com. russia's humanitarian aid is just hours away from arriving at the border with ukraine the three kilometer long convoy set off from the moscow region on choose day the trucks carrying power generators hundreds of tons of products baby food water medical supplies and sleeping bags russia's confirm the mission is being fully coordinated with kiev and the red cross which has been supervising the proceedings. and with the tit for tat sanctions of ukraine the e.u. is reportedly trying to talk latin american out of closer cooperation with russia will bring you the latest on that on the front lines of the trade war amongst a lot of other stories as well coming up right after this break. but you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially
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public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly political you were just group supporting supports. that certain people's regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think we have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid for. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. faces changing the world writes no. full picture posted. from around the globe.
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to. russia's defense ministry says that moscow's in full compliance with the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that is side with the u.s. no that comes after last month washington issuing a doubling report accusing moscow violating the deal by allegedly testing a banned cruise missile russia's deputy defense minister spoke exclusively to r.t. . the last. g.g. was brought up the war was in late two thousand and thirteen issues of the aegean do rule do you see the deal was that the united states official survey for the receipts we have looked into the united states calls on stone to russian side provided detailed explanations which seems to have satisfied
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a long legal cold but at the time at least that's what the told us with was very much surprised when our make out the counter parts ignored do dispute resolution procedures provided in the treaty and choose to simply leave their own ground in the grisly shills to the press their answer is a simple message that we will fuel the sleeves and allegation these particles to enter the russian company published by washington in connection with the real crisis. well mikko gorbachev are wrong reagan signed the landmark agreement back in one thousand eighty seven it prohibits nuclear and conventional ground launch missiles with ranges between five hundred five thousand five hundred kilometers then have treaty played a key role indeed in ending the cold war. days ahead from finland economists say the country is heading for years of recession the tit for
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tat sanctions with russia hitting the nordic country hard and it could take a decade to recover it appears going off again now looking at how the trade war is being for. for the past few months we've definitely been witnessing a rising tensions between russia and the west but what's happening now is already being described by many as a full blown trade war first in late july the e.u. slapped russia i would say start getting whole sectors of its economy four major banks were hit and one airline was completely grounded but then russia announced counter measures banning the import of billions of euros worth of fruit vegetables meat dairy and other products european producers are the worst hit and brussels has to compensate the losses the problem is the size of its emergency fund is around four hundred million euros while the estimated damage may reach five billion when you know we are going to lose one point three million euros but we're relatively small business imagine the other big firms such as like to lease which send several
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trucks a week or so that it's going to. it will take two or three months to collect our remaining crop and we don't know what will happen if no one buys it. now we're in a bad economic situation more than two hundred families have been destroyed we will have damage in excess of eight hundred fifty thousand your rules if nothing is changed we are in a desperate situation and next to russia starts negotiations with latin america specifically ecuador brazil chile and argentina to meet the new eight percent shortfall in imports according to the financial times the e.u. may start trying to talk some of these states out of upping trade with russia perhaps promising to open its market to their products but here is the ecuadorian embassador to russia's thoughts on this i think the current situation creates great opportunities for ecuador but it would have been unwise to pass up such a chance to diversify and expand the trading capabilities especially having
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received an offer to become a privileged partner with russia. some business analysts in the west have now started wondering how wise was it to start playing this game of tit for tat sanctions the. sanctions will they really work and we don't think they will and we've been working in the russian market probably now for the last twenty years and times have always been difficult to do russia business in russia but i don't think the sanctions will really help and we just wanted to sort of voice that could well be job losses coming along we heard that j.c. big. reported that he potentially could lose. orders as a result of the sanctions and as a result of that would lose jobs over here watching this economic battle swing back and forth like a pendulum one is reminded of newton's famous law every action has an equal and opposite reaction when a judge spokes person of the european commission to stand now about whether the e.u. is really pressuring latin american countries not to trade with russia in the wake
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of moscow's food and bargo. are explaining the situation how the situation came about speech what were the reasons for the situation and we are basically explaining them in. our view that it's not going to be short you want them to try to benefit from the current circumstances but in the end it is also looking at is that again you are pressuring them not we are not pressuring anyone because it's not human nature how do you with this all the same you are saying to our partners these are all reasons what you do you see your decision but you should be very bold out thinking about our values about our people and about current situation. elsewhere around the world a regional trains been derailed by a landslide in a mountainous region in switzerland so on the line to the resort of somewhere its police say thankfully no one killed there eleven people have been injured they were airlifted to hospital but pictures pictures here of gone viral you can see one of the carriages is hanging over the edge of a ravine at least two other carriages reportedly slid into it. and armed groups
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made off with a least ten million u.s. dollars it's something i go airport in chile the eight attackers targeted an armored truck that was taking the cash to an aircraft in what is one of the country's biggest ever. they escaped into vehicles heading in different directions leaving spikes on the road to puncture the tires of any cars in pursuit. egypt's former president hosni mubarak's trial has been resumed in cairo he actually does accused of involvement in the deaths of protesters during the twenty eleven uprising that toppled him verdict in the murder trial will be delivered on september the twenty seventh with barak who was the head of state thirty years was sentenced to life imprisonment twenty twelve of the sentence was overturned on technical grounds. used coming in the plane over the brazilian presidential candidates has crashed in the city of santa. campos leader of the brazilian socialist party was believed to be on board the cessna plane apparently went down
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during heavy rain. stories online cause why is the city surrendering while new york residents were baffled to see white flags instead of the usual stars and stripes on top of brooklyn bridge but why is the question we'll tell you on our web site also at r.t. dot com as well maybe a scientific breakthrough here scientists and created rather brain tissue artificially in the lab saying that maybe just maybe one day could be used to help treat human cognitive disorders. so it's been less progress though in attempts to wipe out a bowl or spread in west africa's lead the world health organization to say it's ok now to use untested drugs on victims the virus has killed over a thousand people since march including one in europe research a dr peter walsh says a lot of cases need to be treated with this experimental vaccine before it can be considered effective. the bottom line is that there's just not a market in developed countries for vaccines and treatments because disease does
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not occur in europe or the united states all the money that's been spent on developing vaccines treatments has really become from defense funding the u.s. military in particular is worried that somebody will try to use this is a weapon and therefore they're trying to develop countermeasures to really get enough data to tell where the drugs are effective in humans you need tens of people to be treated at least just by treating two or three people you're not really going to be able to tell whether it was really affected in africa you need to just follow the very nursery practices you know contact with somebody who shows the symptoms you wear the full sued goggles respirator etc there's a lot of highs you procedures involving using soap and belief to disinfect yourself the difference between. countries these african countries just don't have the capacity to maintain all the protocols necessary particular the high heat they don't have air conditioning you know they don't have regular power and so the odds that this happens this spreads into europe or russia or somewhere else or very very
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very low. well the tree of the killing of an unarmed black teenager by a policeman spilled into further violence in the us state of missouri a woman was wounded in a drive by shooting one of a separate incident a police officer opened fire on alleged. locals of the money justice michael brown killing but officials still refused to release the name of the officer. in the street at close range. we're currently in ferguson in the suburbs of st louis missouri where tensions have been flying high ever since saturday when eighteen year old michael brown who was on armed was killed by multiple shots from a police officer who has so far been unidentified we do know that accounts of what exactly took place different police say that the young man had had an altercation with a police officer by getting into his car and trying to take his gun police say that
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he was reportedly with another young man and they had been in this fight with the police officer that led to at least one gone shot being fired inside the police car and then according to the police several gunshots were fired at the young man which led to his death book lee just fired tear gas. ok so tear gas is being fired at the protesters even though there's only really a couple of dozen people here at least police have been issuing warnings and warnings for at least two hours now that this would happen if protesters didn't disperse most of the people here that we've spoken to are locals living on this particular street in this community and they're not bothering anybody and they are showing the police you can now make us go inside our house as we can stand out here on the sat wall until the dawn comes if we'd like you cannot force. you telling us we got a curfew now their windows shattered dozens of businesses like this one in ferguson have been boarded up and shut down after the looting and van. elisabet has been
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taking place electronic cords ripped out and security cameras broken some of the store vendors. bought up and protect what's left. but i can understand a family praying and. my condolences go out to the family this gas station convenience store was pretty much completely burned down after on sunday hundreds of protesters took to the streets after a vigil held for michael brown the eighteen year old was just about to start college was just days away from going to school and this place and really this death has become a tragic symbol of the major disconnect that exists in this community between the police who are meant to serve and protect and the predominantly black community that lives here to chirk about archie ferguson a story. coming up more on the angry but last fall of the two major shooting just a few minutes and breaking the set to.
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audio in reality radiation is still there but it is killing our children they aren't dying also hard conditions asked no leukemia to feel for years are still hiding the truth for most of all and i don't know why don't they have children on their own because you heard so much to know the two counts protect our children from just. one of your cultural comment why should be a community face this time you know. pleasure
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to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researchers. what's really good folks i'm mental rappel of filling in for abby martin and this is breaking the set so for the third night in a row protests broke out in ferguson misery over the killing of eighteen year old michael brown by a police officer right cops clashed with dozens of protesters who refused to clear street launching tear gas and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd now journalists at the scene word sparred spared from the violence tweeting that they
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too were hit with tear gas and rubber bullets and washington post reporter wesley lowery even tweeted that police tried to force local media to leave the scene if they didn't want to put their lives at risk and i because after all you wouldn't want images of police brutality against largely peaceful protesters to get out and prove the exact point these demonstrators are trying to make meanwhile the lawyer for dorian johnson a friend of brown's who was with him the day he was killed told m s n b c that police have yet to interview johnson despite the fact that according to his lawyer he was just inches away from the scene of the shooting perhaps that's because his version of what happened that saturday is vastly different than the one being portrayed by police while they claim that brown assaulted the officer in question and reached for his gun.


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